Vendor Profile: White Mountain Gourmet Coffee

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White Mountain Gourmet Coffee began roasting fine specialty coffees in Epsom, NH during the winter of 1989. This family owned and operated business bought a 1920 Royal #5 antique coffee roaster to produce small batches of fresh-roasted coffee. After months of experimenting (and a few smoky roaster fires) they finally developed a unique roasting style that enhanced the flavors and aromas of the raw coffee beans.

They then began buying and roasting coffees from Colombia and Brazil but quickly added coffees from 13 other countries. New flavors, blends , and roasts were introduced, including White Mountain Mudslide, Pumpkin, Maple, El Salvador Peaberry and 180 others. Opportunities to explore coffee farms throughout Guatemala and Costa Rica allowed them to discover new sources of unique coffee beans and insight into the many different coffee varieties.

Today, White Mountain Gourmet Coffee roasts coffee and operates a café / bakery in downtown Concord, NH with a staff of 12. They supply independent cafes, restaurants, and gift shops, like Zeb’s General Store, throughout New Hampshire with coffee, brewing and grinding equipment, espresso machines, and more.

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