Vendor Profile: Richard’s Vermont Made Sauces

Richard’s Barbecue Sauces were first produced in the early 1990’s. Inventor and self made chef Richard Jr. set about making a thicker and zestier sauce than already existed on the market.

Richard's Vermont Made BBQ Sauces at

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Using a converted maple sugar pan he came up with a recipe for a truly satisfying Hot and Mild barbecue sauce, unique in flavor and rich in texture. A family affair since its inception, today the sauces are still made in the family’s ancestral homestead. An 80 gallon steam kettle and commercial work space allows new owners sister and brother in law Martha and Steve the ability to keep the business rural and home based. With new products added and with a few changes in ingredients we have made Richard’s Sauces a product of quality and good health, low sodium, sugar and carbohydrates is key along with no gluten, wheat, MSG or other preservatives. Our tomato base products also contain no high fructose and they are fat and cholesterol free. VT Made Richard’s Sauces have been providing Zeb’s General Store the 18 ounce bottles with the Award winning Cow, Pig and Chicken label for many years. Zeb’s gift baskets with Richard’s fun and colorful labels are a sure winner.

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Zeb’s Top 10 List for 2011

With the new year comes a look back and a top ten list. Here are our top ten selling items from Zeb’s General Store in 2011:

Classic Coca-Cola in a glass bottle

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  1. Coca-Cola in an old-fashioned glass bottle
  2. Zeb’s All Natural Kettle Corn
  3. Zeb’s Nostalgic Candy bag
  4. Lightfoot’s Pine Scented Soap
  5. Zeb’s Cream Soda
  6. Zeb’s Grade A Medium Maple Syrup, 1 quart jug
  7. Zeb’s Root Beer
  8. Strawberry Licorice Laces
  9. Zeb’s Grade A Medium maple syrup, glass bottle
  10. Zeb’s Raspberry Lime Rickey

Wow, four of the top 10 are old fashioned type sodas and nine of the 10 are food or beverage with the only non-food item is the ever popular Lightfoot’s Pine Scented soap. I must confess that as a Zeb’s employee I kept seeing people buying this soap, in the store and online, by the dozens. One day I finally had to see for myself what was with this soap and brought one home to try. I’m hooked. It smells good, isn’t too strong, is a good sized bar of soap and doesn’t shrink away to nothing within a week like a lot of the big commercial brand soaps do. Guys…give it a try.

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Vendor Profile: Grafton Village Cheese

Back in 1892, a group of farmers started the Grafton Cooperative Cheese Company in the picturesque village of Grafton, nestled in the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont. They would haul their extra milk to the cooperative to be made into cheese, which could be stored longer than milk in the days before refrigeration.

Grafton Village Cheeses at

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Today, we still get our fresh, raw milk from dozens of family farms that dot the Vermont countryside. The natural, healthy qualities of raw milk also infuse our cheese with a creamy, smooth flavor that’s missing from mass-produced cheeses. Our award-winning, naturally aged and naturally flavored cheeses are still handmade, true to the Grafton Village tradition.

Through our legacy of quality and community, our cheeses have helped put Vermont on the map for making some of the best artisanal cheeses in the country.

Grafton Village Cheese is part of the nonprofit Windham Foundation, whose mission is to promote Vermont’s rural communities. When you purchase our cheese, you help to further our mission that benefits both Vermonters and visitors to our state.

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Vendor Profile: White Mountain Gourmet Coffee

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White Mountain Gourmet Coffee began roasting fine specialty coffees in Epsom, NH during the winter of 1989. This family owned and operated business bought a 1920 Royal #5 antique coffee roaster to produce small batches of fresh-roasted coffee. After months of experimenting (and a few smoky roaster fires) they finally developed a unique roasting style that enhanced the flavors and aromas of the raw coffee beans.

They then began buying and roasting coffees from Colombia and Brazil but quickly added coffees from 13 other countries. New flavors, blends , and roasts were introduced, including White Mountain Mudslide, Pumpkin, Maple, El Salvador Peaberry and 180 others. Opportunities to explore coffee farms throughout Guatemala and Costa Rica allowed them to discover new sources of unique coffee beans and insight into the many different coffee varieties.

Today, White Mountain Gourmet Coffee roasts coffee and operates a café / bakery in downtown Concord, NH with a staff of 12. They supply independent cafes, restaurants, and gift shops, like Zeb’s General Store, throughout New Hampshire with coffee, brewing and grinding equipment, espresso machines, and more.

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Vendor Profile: Ann Clark Ltd.

In 1989 Ann Clark, started out with little more than a pig-shaped Christmas ornament and a dream. In 1991 she tackled her first trade show. With just six cookie cutter designs and several hand-made crafts she dazzled the Philadelphia Gift Show and Ann Clark, the person, became Ann Clark, Ltd., the company.  Proudly selling nationally and internationally “The Cookie Cutter People from Vermont” now find their American Made cookie cutters in kitchens worldwide.

Ann Clark moose cookie cutter at

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Today Ann Clark boasts over 150 cookie cutter designs, a compliment of gift sets and a new line of cookie cutters that focus on the fun of decorating.  They also host a blog that provides consumers with creative uses for our cutters as well as decorating ideas and recipes. Sign up at  and then come back to Zeb’s to shop for your favorite Ann Clark cookie cutters!

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Vendor Profile: Lambs & Thyme

In the coming weeks and months, we will be profiling many of our top vendors that have grown with us over the past 20 years. They will be featured here on our blog as well as in our e-newsletters and our Facebook page. Like us, these companies were New England born. We are pleased to feature Lambs & Thyme as our first vendor profile.

Since 1989, Lambs & Thyme has been known for quality herb and spice blends in their more than 90 products including dips, culinary and baking items, grilling and rubbing herbs, cookie & pie spices and more.  The current owner, who took over after the founders Click to Enlargehad retired, started with the company shortly after they began putting all of their blends into the “ornament-style” format which hangs with a gold cord.  This style boasts a different water-color artwork theme for each dip flavor, including holiday themes for their top selling flavors.  Each package is filled by hand and contains no fillers, no sugar and no artificial ingredients; the customer need only add their own fresh ingredients called for by the easy recipe on back to create yummy snacks, easy gourmet dinners and some wonderful old fashioned comfort foods for dessert.

Zeb’s also carries Lambs & Thyme’s Popping Cobs, a unique conversation piece, snack, and basket stuffer —so popular to watch the corn pop right off the cob!  Lambs & Thyme is proud to be an exclusive vendor serving the scenic North Conway area at Zeb’s General Store!


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Antique Soda Fountain

At Zeb’s we’re known almost as much for our antiques as for our thousands of unique and old time New England products. One antique that you can’t help but notice, and nearly everybody comments on, is the antique soda fountain and back bar.

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The back bar is from Edgar Lucia Drugstore in Hudson, MA. The soda fountain was formerly in the Yesteryear Museum in Michigan (presently the Ford Museum) and is one of the finest examples of a turn of the century drugstore counter. Coke syrup would be added to carbonated water and dispensed from one of the three spigots by the Coca-Cola light. The cost was two cents per glass. And yes, the Coca-Cola glass light is original. No reproductions here.

Today we don’t pour Coca-Cola from the soda fountain but it is used as our custom gift basket making station. Don’t worry though, you can still buy Classic Coca-Cola in glass bottles and lots of old fashioned penny candy.

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